Yes! Yes! Yes!

Playoff hockey is kicking off for the final time out at the Barn in Uniondale. Nassau Colisseum will be volcanic. This video taken from our visit a few weeks back.

Video: Happy Happy Fun Times in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens just wrapped up and Hong Kong Stadium’s south stand can now rest. The annual three-day rugby tournament borders on the carnival where fans dress up, drink beer and sometimes watch a rugby tournament. It’s hard to imagine English football fans coming out for a local derby dressed like the Village People and living to tell about it. But rugby is its own animal and if you’re a fan, the south stand of Hong Kong Stadium is where you need to be. If you’ve never witnessed it in person, here’s your primer.

Sixteen teams are left in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and these four venues play host as the field is narrowed to four. Two 20,000-seat pro arenas – one Midwest-honest, the other LA-glitz and glamour, and two oversized football stadiums – one University-owned and regularly converted to basketball and the other a big ol’ Southern football mansion, definitely not suited for basketball. This is the big time, with lots of fans, media and businesses wanting in, so sometimes the buildings are oversized and not quite right. The games, however, are set to impress.