What DOES an American Soccer Stadium Look Like? An MLS 2015 Stadium Guide for Beginners

Red Bull Arena, built by the Austrian sports drink company, is a close cousin to its Austrian counterpart. Its aggressively modern exterior is refreshing in New York's traditional sports architecture landscape. [Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ/Capacity: 25,000/Club: New York Red Bulls] (Photo: Stadiafile)

Major League Soccer (MLS) kicks off its 20th season this weekend with a new group of international stars set to grace its stadiums. As David Villa, Kaka, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard take to the field, a growing international audience will be tuning in to matches played in North American stadia. What can they expect from our soccer stadium experience?

Since inception the MLS has focused on financial sustainability and soccer-specific stadia. While four clubs still share stadiums with American football teams, the majority play in soccer-only venues with attendance around 20,000. Although soccer takes a back seat to other professional leagues in America (unlike anywhere else in the world), the stadiums are regularly full and the fan bases buzzing with passion. While the product on the field continues to improve, the stadia and their fans are top-notch. Here are some MLS stadium highlights to look forward to this season:

Main image: Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ (Photo: Stadiafile)