(Old) Busch Memorial Stadium - Vintage Postcard (Photo-Mark Susina - via Flickr) This new two deck concrete stadium in downtown St. Louis near the Gateway Arch has no obstructing posts or columns. Busch Memorial Stadium contains 400 custom contour stadium seats and is the only major league ball park in the U.S. with a playing field equipped with a combined electrical soil warming and automatic irrigation system controlled by electric soil moisture sensors. Designed by Edward Durell demolished. (Photo-Mark Susina - via Flickr)

Sometimes life as a young architect, dad of one – soon to be two – girls, takes over and life as a stadium blogger takes a back seat. Now is one of those times. But don’t worry, we are putting together a series on the fascinating multi-purpose baseball / football stadiums of the 1960s-70s. These are the buildings I grew up in and so many American sport fans consider their sporting homes. This oft-maligned era in stadium design was actually a hotbed of some very creative ideas, inspiring thought about how we watch, build and manage sport facilities in America. So stay tuned for more from Stadiafile – until then, go see a game!

(Photo: Mark Susina – via Flickr)