For the American sports enthusiast, like the American-anything really, there is an abundance of choice to sample, any night of the week, any time of year. Some combination of the MLB, NFL, NBA and the NHL are either in season or are ready to start all year long. Add to this all-you-can watch feast each sport’s (not necessarily smaller) sibling at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and there is enough sport in this country to make your eyes water. As we sit at the last week of August, NCAA College Football is about to begin and for the next five months stadiums large and small across the country will be packed with cheering fans. As a way of setting the stage for the stadia-enthused among us, Stadiafile will be looking at the buildings the Pre-season Top 10 College Football teams call home.

Our review of these stadiums will take us on a tour of the country, from the giants of the Southeast and jewels of the Northwest to the great states of California, Michigan and Florida, from 100,000-seat megastadiums and 55,000-seat loudhouses to college towns and metropolitan centers.  Unlike professional stadiums, college stadiums (for the most part) aren’t named after corporations or websites, they have minimal in-stadium advertising and as a result maintain some degree of purity – architecturally speaking it is all about the stadium.

To make matters even more sporting, we will do this Top 10 rundown in ten days.  It will no doubt get hot, two-a-days might leave us weary and dazed but ’tis the season.  So grab a cold beverage, throw on your favorite replica jersey and let’s kick the season off with some sporty stadia blogging.

First up: 10. Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, AR (University of Arkansas Razorbacks)